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Fit For Living Geelong - Quality Business Award Winner 2023
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With your FFL Gym Membership you won’t just be getting access to our transformational services and team. You will also be gaining access to an amazing community of like minded, friendly and welcoming people. All here to support each other in achieving their health & fitness goals.

Ready to change your body and your life?

let's discover what you're after and how a fit for living membership could transform your life.

the fit for living process


No cookie cutter programs with us. We are here to ensure you get a truly unique and personalised program that is tailored to your goals and needs.


We care about you. This is where we get to know you for you. Your goals, your dreams, your interests and your unique makeup.


We aren't just here to give you basic results. We are here to help you transform using our holistic whole person approach.

what makes an ffl membership
so different?

A FFL membership isn’t your typical gym membership. We offer some of the most unique services in the industry.  Helping you achieve transformative results that last. Here’s what an FFL membership involves.

holistic team

We house a multidisciplinary holistic team to help serve you on all levels of your health. Including personal trainers, exercise physiologists, nutritionists and massage therapists. Helping you achieve lasting and transformative results.​

personalised programing

No cookie cutter programs. You will be receiving a truly personalised program that is tailored to your unique make up and goals. Every client that signs up for personal training receives both a personalised gym program and nutrition plan.​

truly holistic approach

We understand that health is so much more than just working out. It's your nutrition, your mindset, your sleep and so much more. And that when you get these areas optimized along side exercise truly amazing things happen. That's when transformations occur. ​


We offer some of the highest quality assessments in the industry. Including posture, strength, flexibility, joint mobility, diet and more. Helping you better track your progress, keep you motivated and achieve transformative, lasting results.​

inviting space & buzzing community

We understand it can be daunting starting at a gym, you don't have to feel uncomfortable here. At Fit For Living there are no big egos or pushy trainers. Just a genuine, inviting and comfortable gym. With authentic and friendly staff here to support you in achieving your health goals.

transformative & lasting results

We understand that many people haven't had the best track record with gym. Often getting little or even no results. That won't be the case with us. We aren't just here to get you some basic results. We are here to ensure you get transformative lasting results.​

powerful acountability & support

Accountability and support is an important part in achieving your health and fitness goals. It's why we use digital software that allows you to track your weight, muscle, diet, strength and more! We also hold you accountable through this software helping you stick to your new health habits and achieve your goals.

“I have never experienced a more welcoming and happy exercise place, ever. Truly a cut above all the others.”
“Fit for Living actually made me love exercise. A place where you are not just a number, but a name. You’ll love it.”
“Fit for Living completely changed my life. The vibe is like no other gym I’ve been to. Nothing but encouragement, support and fun. Helped me unpack a lifetime of negative thoughts about fitness and unleashed determination I apply to every other part of my life.”
“The best decision I’ve made. You get addicted to feeling fantastic and seeing results."

gym access hours


FRIDAY: 5:00AM – 5:30PM