exercise physiology

what exactly is an exercise physiologist?

Exercise physiologists help your physical body reach it's full potential. Whether you're athlete looking to reach peak fitness; someone looking to lose weight; or seeking rehabilitation from chronic illness or injury.

An exercise physiologist is here to help you achieve your goals.

what makes an exercise physiologist so powerful?

Exercise physiology is a university qualified health professional who has a deep understanding in human physiology, exercise and bio-mechanics.

list1  University qualified health professional with a cutting edge science backed understanding of exercise and fitness

list1  Highly skilled in injury prevention, rehabilitation and chronic disease treatment through exercise

list1  Deep understanding of human physiology to ensure correct muscle activation, recruitment and balance
list1 Highly skilled in bio-mechanics and human movement to ensure the best possible programming that gets results
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The Benefits Of Exercise
Physiology Can Include:

list1 Improved ability to walk or move your body
list1 Better pain management
list1 Greater independence
list1 Increased strength and flexibility
list1  Faster recovery from illness or injury
list1 Better balance and walking gait
list1 Improved general fitness and muscle control
list1 Prevention of future injuries and health conditions
list1 Management of healthy weight and blood pressure
list1 Improvements in mental health
list1 Maximised quality of life

exercise physiologists can work with:

list1 Musculoskeletal conditions and injuries
list1 Neurological conditions
list1 Cardiovascular conditions
list1 Chronic diseases
list1 Cancer
list1 Mental illness
list1 Osteoarthritis
list1 Chronic fatigue
list1 Physical or intellectual disability
list1 Post-surgical pain
list1 Diabetes and obesity

we work with:

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